Monday, 14 January 2008

Oriental Tang Empress Jewelry sets & Hair Accessories in more colour

In 29 August 2007, I designed a Oriental Tang Dynasty Empress Jewelry Set & Hair accessory in jade & yellow flowers to match Nicky Ree Tang Empress Outfit & the Rei Gully Old style Chinese lady hair. As Nicky Ree add more colour of her costume, I design more Chinese Gemstones for the Tang set to match her dresses.

TOUCH THE BELLOW PICTURES TO ENLARGE THE PICTURES & SEE IT MORE DETAILS! (WAIT 5s to let the picture change to other colour)

This time you can select purchasing full set including the hair accessories & earrings/Necklace sets OR just purchase them in separate. The hair accessories just like my entire Tang release, it packed with one fully linked parts & 3 separate pieces for you to match other hairs.

You can purchase these from the Ground floor level of BijouxOr Design main Store, Le'Bear Castle, Bratz. You can also purchase the Tang Costume by NICKY REE & this Chinese ancient hair by Rei Gully there too!

Let's be an Oriental Ancient Queen & Princess now!

Tips:- Buy a set can save around 33% of money ^^

P.S. can buy directly from My onrez store too!


Anonymous said...

Yay to Alienbear, this is lovely; glad i bought the pink set :D

TheBlurMe said...

still can buy?

Alienbear Gupte said...

Yes , you can buy it at main shop . walk inside the main castle to the end then turn right. you will see them placing in Zi Chai Ting area.

SugarHeart said...

Hi is this available just in virtual world or in reality. I love the pieces! please email at Thanks.