Thursday, 25 December 2008

Mui and Gestalt Rings

M&G rings poster

My Dec 2008 Virtual jewelry design for second life. Specialy design for my best friend in SL Mui Mukerji for her Engagement.

I got inspiration from a Spring flower call "Mui"; Diamonds, pearls, shell gems are the main gemstones selection for this series.

Mui rings gold poster

Mui ring implies a beautiful girl that just like "Spring"; , bring all the happiest and love to all people around. She just like a butterfly flying around in bringing smile to everyone. Diamonds means forever. While Every shell just have one pearl, it means "you are one of the only one in my heart forever....;

Gestalt Rings poster

Gestalt rings mainly use dimaonds, shell gems and pearls as gemstones. Shells always protect the one of the only one pearl. so here this ring imply he is the protector for his girl. Their love just like diamonds lasting forever after.

These series of rings (with no name on it) is now available for sell at BijouxOr main store (my gold line). Since now till 1 Jan 2009 is our Annual Sale. You can use 20% off to buy this details ring. Just like all of my previous designs, they are my original design that crafted by primary lindens prims.

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