Thursday, 6 December 2007

GOLD "Princess Christal" Design for "SHINE"

To help "Shine" to raise fund for Doctor Without Border, I design an elegant Jewelry set named as "Princess Christal". Christal means crystal- the ice. Winter is coming. I get inspiration from snow, icicle & snowflake in designing this gorgeous holiday ball set. You can check the blog My Platinum "Princess Christal" Design for "SHINE" to read the design idea of this set. I placed out 55** Platinum sets in Alienbear Design Main Store at Le'Bear Castle & now another 45** GOLD sets placed in BijouxOr Design Main Store . You can Touch the below pictures to check the details of the GOLD jewelry set.

Same as Platinum Set, the set consist of Necklace, Earrings & ring. They are Transferable so it is a good holiday gifts for your girls or for yourself. Buy one set & can help more people since All money collected from these limited edition set will donate to "SHINE" which will go to the Doctor Without Border.

Go to BijouxOr Design Main Store now & buy this elegant sets for your formal party.

**Since I make a mistake in setting "set 29" as sell as copy, after deducting the remaining set, I find that I still over sell 5 sets silver. So I modify the Platinum set from 50 to 55 while Gold from 50 to 45.

P.S. Hair from ETD Salon, Gown from Nicky Ree

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