Friday, 23 February 2007


(Release on 23 Feb 2007)

Been a year haven't design any belly chains. Remember my first belly chain I designed was a Double Band Pearl drop belly chain that released in last year early Jan 2006. Many customers said that "Woa! I never see that cute belly chain before, all I can find in SL is a heavy chain. The simple double line style is the first I see in SL...." Because of the compliment , I tried to design a teardrops with that style belly chain & the most popular hearts & ribbon bow belly chain in the same month. Well after that I have no more design any new belly chains. Till one day in July 2006, I walk around SL Jewelry shops & find that OMG my belly chain style can be find everywhere in sl now! I BRING the belly chain style to SL!! I compare my Heart belly chain design (Left Picture) with the one that I find in other store (Right picture) & then compare with :-

_____(Left:- My Jan2006 Design)_____ (Right:-Other shop's work )___

I said OMG , that is extremely the same. Just mine are in better prim crafting work. & till now you can see this design everywhere that many new designer modify it to 3 chains or 4 chains whatever. Because of this, I start thinking what I should design now with my improving prim work lol

I love tatoo art & so I tried to mix the tatto art with jewelry & creat this GOLD double Band Heart Pattern belly chain with hearts. Just like all my previous creations all are crafted by prims. I try to make it look more real so you can see that at the back there is a open/close part for the chain. This design have 5 gemstones for your selections with Modify/ transferable permissions. It including:-

White Diamond / Emerald / Ruby / Pink Ruby / Blue Saphire

Available at:- G/F & 3/F BijouxOr Design Building at Le'Bear Castle

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